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What is Pyrography?

At Jarea Art Studio, we have been designing and making wooden checkerboards for nearly 20 years. We specialize in custom game boards, made to order.

The boards are decorated either with paint, or using a technique called Pyrography, which literally involves burning an image into wood. We also create "Fire and Water" boards which feature designs created using both pyrography and paint. Once decorated, the boards are sealed with several coats of a non-toxic, environmentally friendly sealer to protect them for years to come.

With each board, you receive a set of checkers in a hand sewn fabric or jute bag. We happy to offer you checkers in the shape of maple leafs, stars, hearts, or discs. Just let us know your preference.

We also create Chinese checkerboards, Chess boards, Backgammon boards and tic-tac-toe boards. These smaller games are perfect for the kitchen table or a small restaurant or cafe. It's a wonderful way for patrons to spend a few minutes relaxing after dinner over coffee. Each Tic-Tac-Toe board comes with playing men in a hand sewn fabric bag.

Many of our clients request custom boards featuring the family name at the top of the board and a picture of the family home at the bottom of the board. We will create a game board to your specifications. You can see examples of these by visiting our game board photo galleries.

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